Tomorrow never knows

Dec 29 2013

I have spent the past few days contemplating the friendships I have made and broken over the past few years. I find it rather interesting how bonds that were deemed unbreakable could be destroyed over such trivial matters. Whether it be because your “best friend” is now in a relationship and paying less attention to you, or they’re criticizing your lifestyle and trying to push you to make poor decisions. I just think it’s fascinating how bonds are often never as strong as you may think… at least in my experiences. 

Now, I’m curious as to why many insist on over exaggerating the strength of their friendships. The bonds I’ve broken over the years, were mostly destroyed because the other stopped providing any intellectual or emotional fulfillment. Others because I had merely believed the bond was stronger than the second party believed, which ultimately ended in betrayal of some sort. Had I not over emphasized the bonds, I would probably have ended up with less battle scars. 

But would that be for the better? Would placing less importance on relationships like that be of any benefit? It may allow us to see people for who they really are, instead viewing them as an idealized image. But maybe watching some of these friendships end forces growth. It makes is reconsider what we look for in a friend or partner, and it forces us to be more grateful for the relationships that actually are as strong as we believe. 

All I know is that I’m kinda glad I’ve managed to keep a few of these friends.

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